Why Study in Canada?

Here are 6 compelling reasons why you or your child should study in Canada:

  1. Qualification is recognized internationally
    • A Canadian education is globally recognized and will open doors for a long-term career anywhere in the world.
  2. Affordable Education
    • Enjoy studying at one of the world’s finest education systems but with lower costs of living and tuition fees for international students than other countries.
  3. Multicultural Society
    • With so many representations of ethnic groups in Canada, finding ethnic foods and recreation activities is easy.
  4. Work and Study
    • You can work up to 20 hours a week while you study as a full time international student
  5. Post-graduation Work Permit
    • Upon graduation from a Canadian post-secondary institution , you may be eligible for the once-in a-life-time open work permit
  6. Additional points to immigrate to Canada
    • Get additional points for immigration when you graduate from a Canadian college or university


Email us (contact@1to1immigration.com) if you are interested in studying in Canada.

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